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Discover how our Library Advisory Service could help your library grow …

We offer instant advice, support, guidance, learning and development for your primary school library.


At the heart of our advisory service is access to the expertise of our dedicated and friendly team. An experienced chartered librarian Sue Polchow has worked as a school library service advisor, a school librarian and been a national children’s book awards judge. In addition to working in public libraries, Lucy Armitage has experience working as a school library service advisor before delivering training to schools throughout the country as an MLS Trainer. Their shared love of children's books, their passion for the importance of reading and of having a successful school library, is the driving force behind the advisory service.


Service delivery would include e-mail and online support, live discussions, regional network and training meetings on school library and literacy topics and a virtual librarian area on MyMLS. Professional advice available at flexible times that suit your school day.


Our MLS Advisory Service would work in partnership with your school management team, school librarian, literacy co-ordinator and teaching staff, teaching assistants, pupil librarians, parent volunteers and governors covering areas such as:

Raising the profile of your library and showcasing achievements


Planning information and library skills programmes


Development of pupil library helpers

Reader development ideas and initiatives


Advice on meeting Ofsted requirements for the school library


Effective and eye catching library layout and design

Guidance on the use of eBooks and the iMLS mobile app


Advice on selecting exciting children's fiction and key resources


Making full use of Junior Librarian.net and the Reading Cloud


Also included is membership of The School Library Association which connects you to a national network of school librarians and provides The School Librarian quarterly magazine. You will also have access to a library of reading and library related website resources.

Receive a free welcome pack when you subscribe to the MLS Advisory Service, it's packed with goodies for your library and will include a copy of Off the Shelf: how to run a successful primary school library and promote reading.

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