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Impact Through Reading in a nutshell!!


Impact Through Reading is a tool that puts reading for pleasure at the heart of reading improvement. We all know that reading is one of the most fundamental skills for young people to learn however without a love reading it is incredibly difficult for anyone to improve. Impact through Reading empowers teachers, librarians, parents and importantly young people by breaking down any barriers to reading that may exist. It helps guide and measure young people’s journeys to becoming readers for pleasure and focusses resources in making sure they offer the right opportunities for reading to have an everlasting impact.



  • Gain a better understanding of student’s attitudes to reading
  • Target resources and interventions to improvement in reading
  • Provide evidence of impact on the work completed with young people



  • Gain a better understanding of their child’s attitudes to reading as well as their  proficiency in reading
  • Learn how they can play a role in developing a love of reading in their child
  • Receive practical examples and ideas on which books will be relevant for their child

Young people


  • See how reading can be a fun experience that they can access
  • Gain rewards for their reading
  • Receive personalised recommendations based on their interests

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