We invite you to explore the ways in which the Reading Cloud can support your school and inspire your pupils with a lifelong love of reading…

The Reading Cloud is powered by Eclipse.net and therefore utilises all of the management functionality and innovation we have developed over the past 25 years, with additional new features and social tools to help schools meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This makes the Reading Cloud our most powerful library and resource management system to date, supporting the curriculum whilst also providing an online reading community designed to engage children, parents and educators in reading for enjoyment.

Choose their favourite look, style and accessories or even pick something at random for their personal avatar.

By inviting friends from your school to view their profile biography, students will also get to see a timeline of activity which features updates from all of their friends.

This optional feature allows students to discuss what they have been reading lately or which new authors they have discovered – and even share what they have recently read using the content sharing button.

Write or record book reviews, offering their thoughts along with a star rating. Or for more indepth discussion on a topic, utilise the blogging tool and tag in popular topics.

Their friends can see which books and authors they like on the Reading Cloud, so by keeping their profiles up to date, friends can identify common interests.

This built-in tool recommends books your students might be interested in reading based upon their loan history – and will only suggest titles which are available in your school library.

Explore the content and topics which are trending across the Reading Cloud both within your school and across the entire Reading Cloud community.

Not only can students access your school’s resources, they can also add their own titles onto their profiles to build up a Home Library collection. This collection can include books, games, CDs, DVDs and other resources, and the system offers a swap facility so that resources can be shared by friends.

Students can watch a wide range of author video content and learn what motivated some of their favourite authors to write their most popular books.

Work is underway to tie the Reading Cloud in with public library search tools, which will enable search results in the Reading Cloud to include results from your local library.

Explore 10 ways in which your students can engage with Reading Cloud

Enjoy creating an online avatar and library profile

Chat safely with friends about what they are reading

Add friends

Build a Home Library

Manage and Share Likes

Access Suggested Reading

See what is Trending

Write Book Reviews and Blogs

Watch Author Movies

Search their local public library

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